☯ i am ultralord ☯

Lisa. 18. Long Island. Taken.
Zelda. Photography. Space.
I'm a beard enthusiast.

 chronic masturbator(s).

this is what i look like

and this is what i consist of

Utmost betrayal


Do not touch your body with bad intentions. Rub your belly when it is full. Stroke your soft skin. Hug yourself, even if it’s silly, because it feels nice. Pleasure yourself. Do not touch your body with bad intentions. Do not pinch at the fat on your stomach. Do not scratch at your skin. Do not hate the shell you’re encased in.

I absolutely love this.

(via cheleypie)


Do you wanna see me naked, lover?
Do you wanna peek underneath the cover?

i love you

blogging from evan’s house

i’m afraid to scroll my dash cause all you fiends post is porn

horny little fucks

(just kidding don’t stop)




Photography jokes are the worst.

fucking love you like damn.


im gonna need to see ur license and regist-  oh gosh mr washington i apologize have a nice day sir

i was high as fuck last night
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