☯ i am ultralord ☯

Lisa. 18. Long Island. Taken.
Zelda. Photography. Space.
I'm a beard enthusiast.

 chronic masturbator(s).

this is what i look like

and this is what i consist of

Sometimes a battle just isn’t worth fighting, and at that point nobody wins.


dont even talk to me unless you have this hairstyle


I was just gonna tweet about how I miss Jenna but I realized she wouldn’t see it so I came here to post it and just as I click new text post, she likes my picture on instagram. Jenna I see u girl.

#tbt me and my babes on the train almost a year ago, and one of my favorite pictures of us ever

get off the damn phone


people that argue with cashiers are the worst kind of people

(via riprobertpaulson)

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